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Have you considered becoming a Limited Company?

If you are a self-employed construction worker registered under the Government’s Construction Industry Scheme, it may be financially & commercially beneficial for you to become a Limited Company.

Going limited gives you freedom, flexibility and control over your finances and helps you to maximise your take home pay.

save money by becoming a limited company CIS scheme

Financial savings for going Limited

The table below compares a typical annual tax rebate, showing clearly the possible financial benefits of changing to a limited company.
£25,000 £35,000 £45,000
Sole Trader £1,680 £1,360 £1,040
Limited £2,280 £2,385 £2,585
Saving £600 £1,025 £1,545
Costs include accounting fees with VW Taxation. The figures above have been used purely for representational purposes. Please contact VW Taxation for a no obligation comparison based on your personal circumstances.

Benefits of going Limited

Whilst increasing your earnings is one of the key benefits of becoming a CIS Registered Limited Company, there are a number of others, including:
  • More control over your finances
  • Increased tax efficiency including tax savings on expenses
  • Minimising personal liability so if the company runs into financial difficulty, protecting your personal assets
  • Tax relief on pension contributions
  • Improved credibility and legitimacy, which may be more appealing to contractors and employers

Next steps

If you are interested, VW Taxation is expertly positioned in managing the transition to becoming Limited, and it can take as little as 3 weeks to do so. As a value added service, we can also assist in the on-going management of:
  • Bookkeeping & invoicing
  • Payroll
  • Filing of accounts
Speak to us if you have any questions or visit our FAQs.

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